Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Reading the Left Behind Series

Grandma and Grandpa Johnson came to visit us last week. We played some UNO, Scrabble Scram, and a game of STARE and Clue Jr. Grandma won the Clue Jr. game. We also went to the Louisville Science Center to see the Titanic Exhibit. It wasn't that great, even though I like stuff about the Titanic. But the movie they showed was really good. I would like to have it on DVD. We saw a mummy that was in its case. I got to see what a mummy's skull looks like, both female and male skulls. They look different from each other.

On Thursday night, which was New Year's Eve, we went out with Grandma and Grandpa to dinner at Senor Iguanas. The food was very very good, and they liked it too. I got a hamburger, but I tasted Mommy's meal and want to get that next time. She got a dish with shrimp and rice and vegetables and Mommy thought that it was really really really good.

On Sunday I opened my birthday presents. I got a Nerf gun, digital camera and a case, a Dinosaur to put together and a dinosaur pop up book and some other dinosaur things. Grandma & Grandpa had also gotten me a new Webkinz for Christmas. It's an Oriole and I named it Eddie for Eddie Murray - daddy's favorite baseball player.

I went back to school on Monday, but it snowed so we didn't have school today. The snow is really pretty and I got to play in it for a little while with some other kids in the neighborhood - Noah, Jacob, Kayley, Taylor, Zack, and Austin.

Today Mommy and I have been working on a United States puzzle. It's really cool. We've got 8 states done so far - Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and Utah.

I read The Vanishings this week. I read it in two days. It's part of the Left Behind series for kids. The seventh chapter is my favorite because all the Christians disappeared except for their clothes. Vicki's mother & father's bed was made, but they were gone. Vicki's mother died in a car accident because of the vanishings. And Vicki's father died in a plane crash. Vicki is 14 in the book. She isn't real. I'm excited to read the 2nd one. I kind of wanted to go to school today so that I could get the next Left Behind book from the library. It's #2. There's 40 Left Behind books in the library. I've taken AR tests on most of the Magic Treehouse books. I still have 6 tests to take. I have 27.3 points now, still in 6th place in my class. Ian is still trying to catch me.

I turned 8 this week. We had cupcakes and Grandma and Grandpa were here to celebrate with me. It was a blast.

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