Monday, January 18, 2010

I Started Basketball This Week

We finally had a full week of school last week. But we have today and tomorrow off for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and a workday for teachers.

On Thursday I had Noah and Jacob and Austin over to play. I was waiting with Jacob and Austin until Noah got home from school. When Noah got home, I called to him. I played with Austin for about an hour and with Noah and Jacob for 1 1/2 hours. We had some trouble getting along - having that many boys together. It drove Mommy a little crazy.

I have a Pinewood Derby car which Daddy & I are going to paint. We took a block of wood to a workshop and they shaped it into a car shape. Tonight Daddy and I are going to try to paint it. We picked out a blue color because that's my favorite.

This past weekend I started basketball. We had a mini-camp and it was fun. I got my own basketball and jersey. We had races with bouncing the ball.

Yesterday I went to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for Andrew who is eight. It was fun. I liked watching people play shooting games. They were trying to shoot spiders and a huge plant and mosquitoes and wasps. And there was a butterfly too. My favorite game to play was the one where you throw balls and get points. I got a blue lizard and a sucker with the 24 tickets I won. The next time I go to Chuck E Cheese I really want to play that shooting game.

I built a whole car myself today out of K'nex. I'm going to pretend that it can take you back to the time of the Dinosaurs - kind of like on Prehistoric Park where they go back in time to the dinosaur age. The Megabuild I was building yesterday crashed into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and broke.

One day at school we made a cross and put pictures on the back to show what Jesus did. On another day we went to recess for a long time. We don't always get to go outside if it's too cold. We haven't been on the playground for a very long time.

All of the snow has finally melted. It hung around for awhile. About a week or more. Now it's just dreary outside. But at least it's warmer - in the 30's and 40's now instead of below 20 all the time. It is 34 degrees out right now. That's two degrees above freezing.

A few weeks ago I learned how to borrow. I learned how to add with four-digit numbers. Not too long ago I got my report card and did really well. My lowest grade of B+ was in reading, which is ridiculous because I'm a very good reader. But that's okay. At noon today Mommy & I watched Hotel for Dogs. It is a very cute movie which we saw for the first time during the summer free movies at the movie theatre.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. holiday to everyone!

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