Sunday, February 14, 2010

These are some pictures I made myself with my new digital camera. Juneau is my favorite subject!

Amaryllis plant

Here's a picture of our amaryllis plant. (Mommy finally figured out how to spell it.) It has 2 blooms right now. Daddy cut some off because they were dying. It's very pretty.

My Snow Week

Last weekend we went to visit Baby Anderson, my new cousin in Nashville, TN. We went to visit Aunt Jill and Uncle Jonathan too. Anderson was very cute. I wish I could play with him. In the picture above, I am reading to him. He slept a lot. I helped Aunt Jill make banana bread. And Mommy & I went with Uncle Jonathan to a cool science museum. My favorite part was the tower. You could go inside a human heart, and there was a water thing that I liked. Another cool thing was a map of the world that you could move around.

On Tuesday I played with Noah and Jacob. Noah was being really annoying and calling me baby. Finally he decided to go home and Jacob and I played nicely for a couple of hours.

I also had 2 snow days this week and already had Friday off, so only had 2 days of school this past week. And it's supposed to snow tonight and has already started flurrying.

Daddy & I have been working on the Pinewood Derby car some more. Now it has silver on it and lightning bolts and looks really cool. We'll be putting the wheels on it soon. The race is next Saturday, Feb. 20.

On Wednesday I played with Austin. At first he sat in the corner. But we ended up playing ping pong and having fun for awhile. Then he got annoying and left.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!