Saturday, March 3, 2012

What's Going on

Elias has been reading The 39 Clues series of books and is really into them. He read the first one for a book report a few weeks ago and is hooked. He had his friend Luke over a few weeks ago to spend the night. They went to see The Phantom Menace movie in 3-D and slept in sleeping bags in the basement.

He had his final basketball game today. Christian Academy has started intramural sports and the season lasted about 7 weeks. He enjoys playing and especially likes running down the court and stealing the ball. Not so much shooting. He's also doing running club on Wednesdays and getting his energy out. (Well, he still has plenty actually.)

Elias also is continuing with piano lessons which he started last year in third grade. He has improved a lot and enjoys it. He really likes playing the recorder as well.

He has decided to start a reading track in the NIV Bible. He's doing Two weeks in the life and teachings of Jesus. He read Luke 1 today - preparing for Jesus' arrival. He and Mommy have also been taking turns reading Bible stories in the E-100 track at church where we read 100 of the most important Bible stories.

He and Daddy are still going strong reading Star Wars books before bed. And for his most recent birthday, Elias got a fish tank. He recently bought a cool-looking castle for the fish. Right now he has 7 fish, but hopes to add to his fish family soon.

PS. This post was done by Mommy