Sunday, January 9, 2011

Elias's Birthday

This week was my 9th birthday. I'm having my sleepover party later, but Mommy and Daddy got me a cake with a football on top and I got to open presents. I got Dino-opoly, 3 Cars movie puzzles, and 7 Star Wars books and a LEGO jet. I also got some money from family.

Pinewood Derby is coming up again soon. We got my block of wood and it's been cut out, but that's about all right now. I hope I win this year. Daddy is going to try to make mine fast so I will.

It has snowed a little this week, but not enough to miss any school. It's also been really cold - like in the teens.

Austin came over this week and I taught him to play Plants vs. Zombies. He liked it a lot.

I want the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. I like watching football with Daddy. I like using my new mini-football helmets to set up who's playing the games. The Baltimore Ravens, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle Seahawks, the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Stealers, Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears and the New York Jets are still in it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Vacation

Elias has been off of school since December 15 because of snow days and Christmas vacation. We didn't do a whole lot; we had a lot of lazy days.

Our computer's hard drive was broken, so we had to get it fixed. While Mr. Graham fixed the computer, Elias got to play with Josh and Jesse from school.

On Christmas Eve, I opened one present; it was a stuffed animal collie. We also went to church on Christmas Eve before I opened my present. They did a play at church about the story of Jesus and the preacher told a really funny joke about the top 10 things to do to Santa Claus. Elias laughed really hard. One of them was to yell "Happy Easter." We got to talk to most of the Wrights on the phone that night at their get-together.

On Christmas Day, we had a really big breakfast of sausage, eggs and pancakes. Mommy and I could not even finish all of our food. Then we opened presents. Some of my presents were Plants vs. Zombies (computer game), LEGO X-Wing, The Battle of Hoth (LEGO), 2 LEGO Creators, Star Wars books - Outbound Flight and Survivors Quest, the book Hatchet, Mastermind (game), K'Nex roller coaster, snuggie, a homemade drum from Jamaica from Grandmother, a Dinomummy book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and mini football helmets representing every team in the NFL. Plus more...Mommy got a snuggie as well. Elias got a car from Josh called Screamin Hauler.

I watched Daddy play Plants Vs. Zombies for hours on Christmas Day. I never even got out of my pajamas because we were very lazy. The sunflowers help you get sun to help you buy things. You can earn pea shooters and you try to protect your house from the zombies because they want to eat your brain. When the zombies get you, your character screams, "NO!!!" and it says "The Zombies Ate Your Brain". There is a football zombie who wears football gear. Elias has done 19 levels and Daddy has done 87 levels. Mommy has not played it yet. She still likes playing Webkinz games like Pizza Palace and Goober's Lab.

On the day after Christmas Elias got to go over to Josh and Jesse's house to play again. He got to watch them play LEGO Star Wars - The Complete Saga. He also watched Josh play a car game on the computer. Josh got to choose a car and he had to face an opponent. He tricked his opponent by getting near the lava, the opponent went really fast and went into the lava. And Josh won. Elias got to see Jesse play Quest for R2-D2 and he only got to do the first level. That night we all went out to eat pizza at a restaurant. Elias got ham and cheese because he is not a fan of pizza. There's a train that goes around and brings your drinks to your table. But our waiter brought ours. On some tables you could play video games, but we didn't have that on ours. We had a tv on ours.

Daddy and Elias put together the K'Nex roller coaster and it's really cool. The cars actually run on the track. It's 3 1/2 feet tall. You can see what it looks like in the picture. The green one is faster than the yellow one because it's more hilly.

On Wednesday after Christmas Austin called because he wanted to play. So Elias went to his house and Mrs. Brandi made us go downstairs because the baby was sleeping. Austin played Mario on the Wii and Elias watched. Then he changed it to Mario Cart. Then he decided to stop. Then we played in his tunnel. Then he played with his DS. He was also taking pictures with his DS.

On Wednesday night we went to Pastor Allen's house for an open house. They don't live far from us. We had some good snacks and Elias watched Ice Age - the Meltdown.

On New Year's Eve, we all went to the movies. It was packed. We saw Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was a very good movie. We all liked it. Only Mommy stayed up to see the new year in. Elias and Daddy were fast asleep.

Happy New Year!