Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Baby Cousin

Last weekend we went to a ladies' Louisville Cardinals basketball game. We can't remember the team they played, but whoever it was beat them. Near the end I was screaming, "Boo!" to them because I wanted the Cards to win.

Daddy & I did some painting on my Pinewood derby car. It's blue right now and we're going to put some silver on it and some more coats of blue paint. You can see a picture of our progress above.

The amarillus plant that Grandma gave us is growing like crazy. I like to touch it, but Mommy keeps telling me not to.

Grandmother Wright came to visit on her way to see Uncle Jonathan & Aunt Jill's new baby. He was born on Wednesday, Jan. 27. The new baby's name is Anderson Sydney Wright. He's Grandmother's 2nd grandchild. He is my first first cousin on Mommy's side and my 3rd first cousin altogether. I can't wait to go see him. We may go visit very soon.

I had a lot of fun with Grandmother while she was here. We played ping pong. Yesterday I was winning 249 - 239.

On Tuesday we had another snow day. Austin came over and we played Star Wars Monopoly. We weren't fighting that day which made Mommy happy. He really liked Monopoly. We got some more snow last night, but it is melting today because the sun came out. We only got about 2 or 3 inches here, but other places like NC got a lot more.

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Regina said...

I enjoyed playing ping pong with you. Grandson of the world are in first place and the Grandmothers of the world are in second!!