Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Week

I was off of school this week. On Tuesday, Mommy and I went to the mall. After that we went to the Outdoor World which is a really big, cool place. I got my hair cut and then we went to a bookstore. Then we went to Jay-C's (a grocery store). On Wednesday, I played with Austin.

Of course the big event this week was Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we went to a service at Northside, and I saw Noah and Jacob, my friends that live across the street there. When we got home, we got on the webcam so we could talk to the Wrights at Grandmother's house. I got to talk to Weston, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Kim, Aunt Sarah, Grandmother, Aunt Gina, Uncle Perry, Uncle Dwayne, Aunt Marilynn, Aunt Jill, Uncle Jonathan, and Granddaddy on the webcam.

On Christmas Eve night, I opened one present. It was dinosaur pajamas.
On Christmas morning, I got a Triceratops dinoworks and a T-rex dinoworks. I got Stare (a game), a LEGO car, Hotel for Dogs (the movie), binoculars from Grandmother, the Dangerous Book for Boys, a laser game, Mega T-rex, a subscription to the magazine ASK, the USA puzzle book, Night at the Museum II, and more. I also got some stocking stuffers, and my favorite is a dog that barks, walks and wags his tail.
We went to the neighbors' house for breakfast on Christmas morning. It was good, and I got to play with friends like Noah, Jacob, and Zack. I ran around like crazy. And after awhile I got tired. After we got home, I got sick on Christmas Day. So Christmas afternoon I didn't feel very well. We watched two movies - Hotel for Dogs and Up- that day.

Now we are getting ready for Grandma and Grandpa Johnson to come visit tomorrow from NC. One day we are planning to go to the Louisville Science Center to see the Titanic exhibit with them. Another day we might go to Mammoth Cave.

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