Saturday, December 12, 2009

My life this week

I had Cub Scouts on Monday. I went to PE on Monday, and on Tuesday I went to music and the library. We are having our book fair this week, and there are lots of neat books that I want. We've already bought 3 or 4 books. On Wednesday I went to chapel. On Thursday I had PE and music again. On Thursday night I had my Christmas program with the 1st and 2nd graders at my school. Mommy and Daddy came to see it, and it was very very cold outside that night. Friday I had computer and art. After school I went to see my friend Austin for a little while. This morning I watched Dinosaur Train and it was a rerun again!

Books I read this week: Mummies in the Morning and Dragon at Dawn

Last weekend we put up our Christmas tree. It was pretty. This year is Daddy's year to have white lights. Mommy and I have had colored lights for a few years now, so it was Daddy's turn to have white lights.

My favorite subject at school is math.
Last night we watched the Incredibles. We hadn't watched that in awhile.

Juneau has been sleeping a lot and reports that everything under the 2-foot level in the house is working okay.

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jwright19 said...

It sounds like you had a busy week. Aunt Jill & I put up our Christmas tree, too. We have white lights every year and even put "candle" lights in our windows. Last weekend we had a holiday party with our neighbors and played "rock band" which is a video game where you get to sing and play instruments like the guitar & drums. Bet you didn't know your uncle & aunt were rock stars did you? :)